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Do Depression Quizzes Work?

In order to better understand your symptoms, you may have come across a “depression “quiz” or “test” online. Such assessments are often multiple-choice questionnaires that ask you about various symptoms of depression and their severity or frequency over a specific period of time. Although such tests can be useful for people to gain awareness of […]

Do Anxiety Tests Work?

You may have come across an “anxiety test” or “quiz” online in your quest to better understand your symptoms. These “quizzes” are often multiple-choice questionnaires that ask you about your symptoms of anxiety, their severity, or their frequency over a certain amount of time. These tests can be useful to understand your anxiety, but they […]

How to find the “Best Therapist” for you!

Finding the best therapist for you is the most important part of maximizing your successful with psychotherapy. However, as many people who have experience looking for a therapist can attest, finding a provider who is just the right “fit” can be very challenging. Here, I outline some strategies to help you find the therapist that […]

What Is an Initial Consultation?

What is the purpose of the initial consultation with your new psychologist or therapist? Most clinicians offer some form of an initial consultation for clients prior to booking their first session. This allows for you, a potential client, to gather more information about the provider and their practice. It also allows the therapist to assess […]

How to Prepare For Your First Therapy Session

The first session of psychotherapy can set the tone for future sessions and is extremely important, as it sets the foundation for establishing a strong therapeutic relationship—a fundamental component of successful treatment. Being prepared for the first session allows for the session to run more smoothly and ensures that you can get the most out […]

Your First Therapy Session: What to Expect

People often wonder what the first session of psychotherapy is like. There are many questions that can arise when considering psychotherapy or counseling services. Understanding the goals of a typical first session can give insight into what you may expect during an initial meeting with a therapist. It is important to keep in mind that […]

Sources and Symptoms of Stress

Assessing our sources and symptoms of stress provides a useful framework for understanding our stressors and our abilities to cope. It may be daunting to try to “unpack” all of the ways in which we feel stressed. However, once we embark upon this task together, my clients often find that this process can provide some relief and improve confidence in their abilities […]

The Mind-Body Connection

In my practice, I am acutely aware of many different ways, both physically and emotionally, in which my clients experience stress. Understanding the mind-body connection provides a useful framework for understanding our stressors and our abilities to cope. Moreover, I have found that taking the time to explain the science behind often prescribed relaxation strategies […]