Dr Palack Kothari

Dr Palak Kothari, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist (PSY 29842)


Dr. Kothari is a licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD in clinical psychology from Loma Linda University. She did her fellowship at the Phoenix VA treating Veterans with trauma and sleep related disorders. She has been a psychologist with Google, Facebook, and at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Medicine and also is now in her own private practice. Dr. Kothari’s clinical research primarily focuses on the plasma-biomarker changes that occurred in response to specific psychotherapy interventions that included cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual interventions. 

She specializes in corporate wellness, behavioral sleep medicine, trauma focused treatments, and gastrointestinal health. She focuses on mind-body integration practices and combines it with the broader practice of clinical psychology. 

Dr Palack Kothari



Specialities & Issues Treated



 Sleep Related Disorders


 Behavioral Sleep Medicine

 Gastrointestinal Health

Trauma History



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