Dr Kaitlyn Egan

Dr Kaitlyn Egan, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist (#32214)


Dr. Egan began her career in psychology at the University of Notre Dame, where she developed a passion for working with children, adolescents, and families through research and volunteer work. She pursued graduate training at Baylor University and completed her predoctoral internship working with youth at Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital in the Chicago area. She received her doctorate in 2019 and went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical child psychology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Egan is skilled in delivering cognitive-behavioral interventions to children, adolescents, and families with a variety of presenting problems at different levels of acuity. She has expertise in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and is particularly passionate about working with adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety, non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), and/or suicidality. She also has experience treating eating disorders, disruptive behavior (e.g., ADHD and ODD), and adjustment issues.  

Dr. Egan is committed to evidence-based practice and delivering interventions that work, while also flexibly tailoring treatment to fit her clients’ individualized needs. In the therapy room, her approach is empathic, intuitive, and authentic. Her goal is to truly understand her client’s world, meet them where they are, and together find freedom from emotional suffering. With younger clients, she is creative in delivering interventions in a way that is developmentally appropriate, approachable, and fun. She also believes parents play an invaluable and crucial role in improving their child or teen’s emotional well-being. Thus, parent involvement may range from periodic parent check-ins to family sessions to distinct parent-only sessions, depending on each client’s individual needs. 

Dr. Egan is a San Diego native and proud to be part of the team at Coronado Psych. She is currently open to working with children and adolescents (generally up to 18 years) and/or their parents depending on the age of the child.

Dr Kaitlyn Egan




Child/Adolescent Therapy

Dr. Egan is an expert in helping children and adolescents struggling with anxiety and depression. She is highly skilled in creatively tailoring the most effective interventions to ensure that your child’s experience in therapy is, effective, age-appropriate, and fun!

Eating Disorders Therapy

Dr. Egan is passionate about supporting individuals struggling with eating disorders and related issues. She is committed to providing the highest-quality care possible and will work collaboratively with your child or teen’s primary care physician to ensure your child receives the best care.

Parent/Family Sessions

Dr. Egan understand that parents can plan crucial role in helping to support their child’s emotional health. As such, Dr. Egan offers a wider range of parent/family focused services, including periodic parent check-ins, family sessions, and distinct parent-only sessions, depending on each client’s individual needs.

Issues Treated

Child/Adolescent Anxiety


Non-suicidal Self Injury (NSSI)


Eating Disorders



Adjustment Disorder

Life Transitions

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